Daily Goals
Helping You Develop Healthy Habits

Set healthy goals according to your specific demands; record and
check your performance every day;check back on your previous
performances at any time to get a sense of achievement or see where
your shortcomings are; helping you develop healthy habits.

Quick and Easy
As Simple as Drinking Water

Without lengthy steps and complex options, it is really simple to input
your results. One click on GYENNO Health and the APP will make an
intelligent calculation of your intake according to age, physique,
amount of exercise and rest.

Follow Friends’ Health Index
Send Reminders with One Click

GYENNO will not allow any complicated operations to stop you from
convey your thoughts and concerns. If you see that a friend’s health
index is too low on the APP or watch,or you just miss him or her, click
the reminder or interaction icons to send them a considerate
reminder or show them your concern.

Call on your friends to work together to become more healthy right now!
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