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Wearable Motion and Gait Quantitative Evaluation System

Intelligent Perception & Scientific Evaluation


Portable Motor Symptoms Quantitative Evaluation Technology for Parkinson's Disease

MATRIX - wearable motion and gait quantitative evaluation system is composed of a series of wearable high-precision motion capture nodes and intelligent computing center. Each node contains multiple groups of sensing units, such as accelerometer, angular velocity meter and electronic compass, which are used to collect continuous data generated during human motion, and output detailed and accurate kinematics and kinetic parameters through intelligent algorithm system, thus further providing direct and effective quantitative evaluation results of motor symptoms to meet clinical needs.


Innovative Intelligent Algorithm


The intelligent algorithm system is based on various technologies such as motion perception, human posture calculation, machine learning, etc., and uses a sensor array composed of a plurality of high-precision motion capture nodes to record the motion data in real-time in the clinical standard evaluation process, and carries out 3D reconstruction, human posture calculation and quantification of motion symptom indicators for the motion process.

Quantitative Evaluation of Motor Symptoms

Using intelligent algorithm system, MATRIX - wearable motion and gait quantitative evaluation system can analyze more than 180 human kinematics and kinetic parameters, and identify and quantify typical motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease, providing comprehensive innovative technical support for motion symptom evaluation.

Easy Configuration
Free of Venue Restrictions

Thanks to the convenient wearable technology and easy-to-use operating software, MATRIX - wearable motion and gait quantitative evaluation system can quickly carry out test anytime and anywhere in different scenarios to meet the needs of various clinical situations.

Customizable Process with Instant Report Output

MATRIX prefabricates three standard evaluation processes for Parkinson's disease, namely TUG test, narrow channel test and turning test, and supports the customization of personalized evaluation process. Each evaluation process has a corresponding complete evaluation reports, which can be reviewed and saved in various formats.